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Oregrown - Oregrown | Hash Burger Infused Pre-Roll | 1g
Oregrown | Hash Burger Infused Pre-Roll | 1g
THC: 29.31%
Welcome to Hash Burger, home of the Hash Burger, can I take your order? Just kidding. It's PotMates, and we actually bring you the order. It's like our whole thing. Seriously, you can order this Hash Burger pack of prerolls and we'll bring it right to you. And you won't regret it if you do—Hash Burger is a fully-flavored, heavy-hitting, indica-leaning hybrid that will have you hurtling toward ludicrous speed with a piping hot bag of fast food in the passenger's seat.  Hash Burger hails from Han Solo Hash Plant crossed with Double Burger. Say what, what? This joint is savory, like a backyard grill after the barbecue is over. It's got a tangy, hashy taste that some even describe as "spicy." Are you feeling spicy? Would you like to shift gears? Hash Burger comes on like a fully-fueled and functional hyperdrive, launching you in the direction of whatever you're interested in so fast you go into plaid. This is a crazytown-bananapants kind of high that will be just the push your creative spirit needs to take that leap of faith and put something new out into the world. Then later, when you need a nap, it helps with that, too.
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