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Oregrown - Oregrown Trail Pack | The Fly x Goofiez Infused Pre-Rolls | 5pk
Oregrown Trail Pack | The Fly x Goofiez Infused Pre-Rolls | 5pk
THC: 23.31%
Try this: look at the back of your hands and ask yourself, "Am I dreaming right now?" Make a habit of doing this periodically throughout the day, and it will become second nature. Eventually, the question will arise while you're asleep, when you really are dreaming, and once you've answered, "Yes," you'll be able to take off and fly. Or you can just take two hits off one of these The Fly prerolls infused with Goofiez rosin. The Fly is the closest thing you can get to lucid dreaming without having to be asleep. While it won't actually enable you to fly, you will feel a light, ethereal, borderline hallucinogenic effect that will facilitate the transition between wakefulness and enduring sleepiness. The Fly has a dreamy vanilla flavor, accentuated by a gentle musk and mild gasoline notes on the exhale. The high is soaring, leaving your body rooted to the spot while your brain tips the balance from perception to imagination. If you have trouble sleeping, or if the constant ruminating about reality is keeping you from finding your calm, The Fly x Goofiez is here to help you check out for a bit and re-engage when you're ready.
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