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Piff Stixs - Lil Piff | Peach Ringz Infused Pre-Rolls | 5pk
Lil Piff | Peach Ringz Infused Pre-Rolls | 5pk
THC: 21.55%
If you've ever had those peach ring gummy candies, then you know exactly what Peach Ringz smells like. Its flavor results from the beautiful combination of Marionberry Kush and Eddy OG, leading with a sweet citrus candy scent over a little hint of fuel from the OG. Marionberry Kush is an Oregon original, famous for its range of phenotypes that show off all sorts of fruity flavors. Peach Ringz offers relaxation without the brain fog, starting with a mildly euphoric high that lets you leave your body behind and completely occupy the life of the mind. If you start small, you can reach a comfortable level of high that lets you coast around like a falcon riding on thermals. If you smoke more, you might be able to lean back and imagine entire worlds. This is a great strain for when you just want to be present. We recommend pairing Peach Ringz with creative expression, meditation, reading, and all other forms of contemplation. Be mindful of the potency with this Lil Piff Pack—each joint might only be half a gram, but it's infused with Liquid Diamond Sauce and Live Rosin before it's dusted in kief. Potency, thy name is Peach Ringz
4.0 grams
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