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Select - Select Cliq | Cascade Critical Live Resin | 1g pod
Select Cliq | Cascade Critical Live Resin | 1g pod
THC: 84.9%
Paranoia can be kind of self-reinforcing when it comes to sativa strains. People who are worried it will make them feel anxious or paranoid tend to grow anxious and paranoid about whether or not they're starting to feel anxious or paranoid. Are you feeling nervous? There's really no need. Cascade Critical is one of the smoothest sativas out there. Its presentation in this live resin Cliq Vape Pod is really spectacular, too. The flavor stays like a light, aromatic version of what you get with the original flower. It's spicy and musky at the same time, with a little lingering lemon to brighten things up. The aftertaste might have you reaching for some water to wash things down, but you should probably be drinking more water anyway. Once the high comes on, you won't have anything else to worry about at all. It's practically anxiolytic, at least compared with some of the landrace strains like AK-47 or Acapulco Gold. While its actual lineage is something of a mystery, it really doesn't matter—you'll start to feel relaxed as soon as you exhale your first hit, and that feeling will only spread with each consecutive breath.
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