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Select - Select Cliq |Cement Shoes Distillate | 1g pod
Select Cliq |Cement Shoes Distillate | 1g pod
THC: 84.7%
You might not be sleeping with the fishes, but Cement Shoes will certainly have you horizontal and immobile for the next couple of hours. Sometimes, when it's cold and rainy outside but you're all double bundled up under covers, comfier than a couple kittens curled up in a comforter, immobility is exactly what you need. Long-lasting physical relief doesn't pair well with a lot of outdoor activity anyway, and Cement Shoes is the perfect strain for spooky season. The Cement Shoes high starts with a soaring cerebral head high, which buys you just enough time to get your affairs in order—snacks, chargers, something good to watch—before the body buzz takes over. Cement Shoes starts with a noticeable heaviness in your toes, then slowly paralyses you from the bottom up. Technically, you can still move, but you're not going to want to, and we recommend just staying in for the rest of the night. Select Elite is a broad-spectrum oil with a high level of THC and outstanding flavor. Their ceramic core heating elements ensure even heating of the oils, and the cotton wick at the core keeps you from inhaling any nasty stuff for maximum quality and flavor. Cliq Pods are triple-sealed to prevent leakage during the extremes of winter cold and summer heat alike. The transparent reservoir lets you see how much you have left and it's tapered to make sure every last drop of Select Elite oil makes it to the coil assembly. Cliq Pods use a wick made from natural cotton wrapped around a clay-based ceramic coil, and they connect magnetically to the Cliq Battery with a reliable signature "click."
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