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Select - Select Cliq | Platinum OG Live Resin | 1g pod
Select Cliq | Platinum OG Live Resin | 1g pod
THC: 84.1%
You might be thinking, "Platinum Kush, didn't I just smoke that?" but look again—this isn't Platinum Kush, it's Platinum OG, and while they do have some similarities, it's the differences that make this one really shine. It's also got an air of mystery about it, if you're not spooked by the unknown. Platinum OG is potent and packed with terpenes. The great thing about Select's Live Resin is that they know how important the terpene content is to the overall effect, so they use an extraction process that brings them all along for the ride. The β-caryophyllene and ∂-limonene are some of the highest we've even seen, contributing to that unlikely relieving feeling of focused calm and heightened awareness. It's a triplicate hybrid whose parents include OG Kush, Master Kush, and some third special secret sauce of a strain that remains a mystery to this day. Is it Platinum GSC? Is it Purple Kush, making this some kind of rare Kush trifecta? Nobody knows for certain. The good news is that it is as soothing as it is relaxing, balancing head and body effects to achieve a state of perfect tranquility and mindfulness, fully engaged in appreciating the present moment.
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