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Select - Select Cliq | Sunset Sherbert Live Resin | 1g pod
Select Cliq | Sunset Sherbert Live Resin | 1g pod
THC: 84.6%
Sunset Sherbet is the foundation for all of the Sherbet strains, which makes it responsible for most the Gelato family, too. It's a hybrid that leans indica while still preserving some of that sativa energy. If you crumble the nugs between your fingers, the sticky orange trichomes will reveal the lush greenery within, releasing tantalizing flavors of berry, orange zest, and musky hash. This vape hits smooth and you will enjoy the tart taste of the exhale. The Sunset Sherbet high starts with swooping body sensations that give way to a head high that tingles with optimism. Soon you'll be relaxed and worry-free, ready for a cold, sweet dessert. The best time for Sunset Sherbet is around the golden magic hour of sunset, when the sky turns brilliant with cotton candy streaks. Nestle in for the evening with buoyant vibes that pair well with any social activity. Cliq Pods are triple-sealed to prevent leakage during the extremes of winter cold and summer heat alike. The transparent reservoir lets you see how much you have left and it's tapered to make sure every last drop of Select Elite oil makes it to the coil assembly. Cliq Pods use a wick made from natural cotton wrapped around a clay-based ceramic coil, and they connect magnetically to the Cliq Battery with a reliable signature "click."
1 gram
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