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Select - Select Cliq | Tangie Distillate | 1g pod
Select Cliq | Tangie Distillate | 1g pod
THC: 86.5%
If you're still reading past the name of the strain, that's okay! Everybody has to have their first encounter with Tangie sometime, and you don't know what you don't know until you learn it. Tangie is one of the quintessential examples of what people who love sativas love about sativas. It's also delightfully delicious as a distillate. Tangie is all green tangerines and wild evergreens. That's true of the scent as well as the effects. In this smooth-hitting distillate, you'll get a smooth, soaring head high from a piquant blend of pepper and pine perfume. The Tangie we know today was born and bred from the memory of a fantastical variety of Tangerine Dream from back in the nineties. The most authentic way to describe the Tangerine Dream high is like this: imagine you're driving up the coast of California on the part of Highway 1 that stretches from the Bay through Redwood Park. It's sunset, and all the clouds overhead are glowing with orange highlights and purple shadows. Take that sense of dreamy serenity, and you just might believe your car could lift up off the road and ride right into the sky like Danny and Sandy at the end of Grease.
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