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Select - Select Elite | Mac Distillate | 1g
Select Elite | Mac Distillate | 1g
THC: 87.5%
Just like with any creative endeavor, MAC #1 can be fairly unpredictable. Some people like it for lying back and looking for shapes in the clouds, other people experience a burst of energy that makes them feel like going for a run or a workout. This is a good strain for any time of day, and if you're a late-night toker it can lead to vibrant technicolor dreams. A lot of people smoke weed to get in the zone, or stay there if they've already found it. MAC #1 is one of the best strains for entering that precious state of flow. It's got a bright lemony zest with notes of sugar and spice. Some find it relaxing enough that they don't want to do anything after smoking it, and others experience a clarity and focus that makes them feel ready to accomplish anything.
1 gram
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