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Select - Select Elite | Maui Wowie Distillate | 1g
Select Elite | Maui Wowie Distillate | 1g
THC: 85.43%
If you were hoping for a dominant hybrid that puts you in a great mood not by speeding you up but by slowing you down, you’re welcome. Maui Wowie brings all of the rest and relaxation from the second-largest island in Hawaii right to your doorstep here in Oregon. You’ll never find a more perfect combination of volcanic flavor, floral aroma, and uplifting, soothing body effects. Maui Wowie hits like fresh hash, but it exhales with notes of citrus, pine, and lavender—all perfectly preserved by Buddies’s industry-leading extraction process. This strain offers a beautiful high-level euphoria—like watching a sunset through a haze of rainfall—and a penetrating body buzz that can unknot muscles and loosen joints. Some people enjoy it for a boost in creativity while others like to let the vape itself be the main event. In either case, the potent combination of tropical flavors and uplifting effects will put you in a positive mood that’s likely to last the whole rest of the day. Feel free to sail off into oblivion.
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