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Select - Select Elite | Sunshine Distillate | 1g
Select Elite | Sunshine Distillate | 1g
THC: 87.1%
If you're one of those solar-powered individuals who has been waiting all year for the long, warm, bright days of summer, then get ready for the best thing to ever hit your beach bag. This vaporizer from Select is made from the finest distillate with the purest extraction methods, and it tastes like a pineapple bong. Sunshine is a sativa dominant hybrid that will dazzle you with its tropical flavor before lifting you up to higher levels of sociable consciousness. You'll taste vivid fruits like citrus and pineapple, with just a touch of dank, and it's even better on the exhale. After that first hit, you'll notice a tingling start to develop between your eyes and your forehead. This is the prelude to a heartwarming euphoria that will accentuate your sociability, fill you to the bubbling brim with giggles, and help you see the light. It's the next best thing to having literal sunshine in a bag.
1 gram
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