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Select - Select Essentials | Purple Punch Distillate | 1g
Select Essentials | Purple Punch Distillate | 1g
THC: 87.8%
The unique flavor of Purple Punch will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever had purple Kool-Aid. Some people say it tastes more like grape soda, but that’s a pretty subjective difference and not everybody likes grape soda. Everybody likes Purple Punch though, and its aroma announces its presence like a punch to the face. This choice extract from Select Elite perfectly preserves every note of every flavor from the original flower so you can appreciate the whole spectrum of what this strain has to offer. It’s a one-two hit when you vape it too. The effects start behind the eyes with a warm inflating euphoria. As you rise to meet a higher state of serenity, the second punch turns your arms and legs into sandbags. Purple Punch is for mellowing out and decompressing, both mentally and physically. If you can stay awake for it, Purple Punch acts as a mood elevator to ease stress and relieve tension. It has anti-inflammatory properties that might help with discomfort as well. We think it’s a perfect cart for a long afternoon spent soaking up the sun or whenever a nap would be a welcome option.
1 gram
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