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Select - Select Essentials | Super Sour Diesel Distillate | 1g
Select Essentials | Super Sour Diesel Distillate | 1g
THC: 84.98%
Super Sour Diesel is sometimes just called "Super Sour" because it's the only way to be fair to its stellar lineage. It's just not very descriptive, it gives the impression that this is something juicy and lemony like Lemon Kush or Zprite, but Super Sour Diesel is definitely more on the gassy side of that flavor profile Venn diagram. If you've ever gotten into an argument about which was the purer exemplar of the cannabis sativa family tree, Super Silver Haze or Sour Diesel, then this strain was made specifically to settle the debate. The answer is, "¿Por qué no los dos?" You've only got this one life to live—don't waste it debating who really deserves second place when first is right there in front of you. Super Sour Diesel is for people with a lot of experience, a lot of tolerance, and preferably both. It's a potent high that many with high tolerance find invigorating, but which can be intimidating to someone who is more sensitive to THC. Strong presentations from CBN and CBG potentiate the already-high percentage of this extract, making this a long-lasting cartridge. It's like sunshine in a jar you can reach into any time to brighten your day.
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