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Smokes by The Grow - Smokes by The Grow | Pandora's Box (.75g) Pre Rolls | 10pk
Smokes by The Grow | Pandora's Box (.75g) Pre Rolls | 10pk
THC: 25.88%
Aren't you just the type to be curious? Pandora's Box is a delightful strain that can help you toe the line between fantasy and reality, hovering on the edge of possibility. It's great for stimulating your imagination as you drift off to sleep—so long as you don't overdo it. Born of Jack the Ripper and Space Queen, Pandora's Box is a potent and cerebral long-lasting high, if you manage to stay awake for it. This ten-pack of pre-rolled Smokes from the Grow will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment. Each joint is about three-quarters of a gram, enough for you to come back to throughout the day or to share with a group of friends as you delve into deep conversation and devolve into giggles. They're packed tight (but not too tight!), rolled with a slight cone, and feature a solid crutch at the end to make sure you can get a good grip no matter where the high takes you. Only one word of caution though—Pandora's Box is surprisingly potent and not to be underestimated. Inexperienced consumers might encounter some dizziness and even paranoia. Remember to stay calm, drink plenty of water, and lie down in a dim room if it starts to feel overwhelming.
7.5 grams
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