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Smokes by The Grow - Smokes by The Grow | Purple Raine (.5g) Pre Rolls | 10pk
Smokes by The Grow | Purple Raine (.5g) Pre Rolls | 10pk
THC: 25.25%
Prince would be proud of the multichromatic dreamscape this strain inspires behind your tired eyelids. Fear no sleepless nights with this pack of Purple Rain on your nightstand—it's a soothing, relaxing, relieving, borderline hallucinatory strain that brings out the best of its three parents, Purple Candy Kush, OG Kush, and Chemdawg. You might not be able to see the purple through the rolling paper, but you can definitely smell the rich grape and berry flavor. This is a tasty joint that hits smooth and doesn't leave any nasty aftertaste lingering post-exhale. Purple Raine has a slow-building high that will lull you into a well-deserved sense of calm before filling your mind with such wondrous images you'll be hard-pressed to put them into words. This ten-pack of pre-rolled Smokes from the Grow ensures you get your forty winks for nearly a fortnight. Each joint is half a gram, enough for a long weekend of early bedtimes and sleeping in or sharing with whoever shares your bed. They're packed tight (but not too tight!), rolled with a slight cone, and feature a solid crutch at the end to make sure you can get a good grip no matter how dark the room is.
5.0 grams
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