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Smokes by The Grow - Smokes by The Grow | Sweet Jane (.75g) Pre Rolls | 10pk
Smokes by The Grow | Sweet Jane (.75g) Pre Rolls | 10pk
THC: 24.13%
Who said an indica couldn't be stimulating? Sweet Jane is the kind of sativa we love to love—it's energizing on a purely carnal level, letting you give yourself over completely to the vibe. Like the song it's named for, it has a crunchy groove that brings all the free love and good vibrations of the Sixties up to the modern day. Sweet Jane has a high that comes on so fast and tingly you'll almost forget what it tasted like. The body high is cheerful and arousing. After the initial rush washes over you, the remaining waves will bring on surges of giggles followed by soothing sighs until you're fully engaged with your surroundings. This ten-pack of pre-rolled Smokes from the Grow feels designed to facilitate intimate encounters. Each joint is about three-quarters of a gram, enough for you to come back to throughout a day of self-care or to share with your significant other, night after night, as you oscillate, vibrate, and fan the flames of the love between you. They're packed tight (but not too tight!), rolled with a slight cone, and feature a solid crutch at the end to make sure you can get a good grip no matter where the night leads.
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