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STICKS - STICKS Blunts | Lemon Cherry Gelato | 1.5g
STICKS Blunts | Lemon Cherry Gelato | 1.5g
THC: 23.07%
Lemon Cherry Gelato is that feeling you get at the end of a long day rollerblading down the Venice Beach boardwalk, when you're tired but you feel good because you spent the whole day doing nothing and now you've got nothing to do but fall asleep whenever you feel like it. It gets its cerebral synthwave sunset from Sunset Sherbet and cools things off with notorious GSC. This is a high that starts with a quick boost of happiness that's social and relaxed, making it great for watch parties or reconnecting with friends. (You can even set up something long-distance with TeleParty and SharePlay.) After the lift, Lemon Cherry Gelato eases you into a deep-seated sense of piece and a full-body stone, ready to rest and repair before you seize another day. If you had to work all week, this is a great strain for kicking off the weekend. Get a taste of the best parts of summer even if you can't make it outside right now.
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