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STICKS - STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V10 | 12pk
STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V10 | 12pk
THC: 31.2%
LTRMN's Sticks Variety Packs are a fantastic value, offering not just three high-quality strains with a variety of lineages, but making sure you get four of each so you really get the chance to enjoy them. Every strain is hand selected for its flavor profile and potent effects, and you'll notice the crutches are color-coded so you always know what you're smoking. Mushroom Cake (Hybrid - Calm Effect) THC 25.2% CBG 1.03%- Mushroom Cake is like a weighted heated blanket with a massager built in. Slip it on and get snuggly because it's just as warm and cozy as a mug of herbal tea sipped next to a fireplace. Mushroom Cake has a flavor that's both juicy and musky at the same time, conveying the impression of timeless wisdom. Its high is calming and slightly sedative, perfect for reclining whether you're going to sleep or just trying to tune in and drop out for a while. Sour Diesel (Sativa - Lift Effect) THC 31.2% CBG 0.16%- Maybe you've been feeling down lately, a little lazy, or just plain bored, but if you're looking for a way to face your problems head-on, Sour Diesel is just the fuel to help you get there. Though technically only a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain feels like a landrace sativa with its speedy cerebral head high. This strain will make you rev up your engine. You'll want to throw open your blinds, your windows, maybe even your door and dance right out into the street. Beach Wedding (Indica- Calm Effect) THC 26.6% - Weddings can be highly subjective, but Beach Wedding will make sure you enjoy the feeling of warm sand between your toes whether you're standing in the bridal party or wishing you were anyplace else. The product of Tropicanna Cooks and Wedding Cake, it leads with a delicious strawberry vanilla flavor before flooding your senses with a strong body high and motivating, imaginative head effects. Beach Wedding will leave you ready to cut a proverbial rug or grab the proverbial mic for an impromptu but heartfelt toast.
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