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STICKS - STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V12 | 12pk
STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V12 | 12pk
THC: 34.3%
LTRMN's Sticks Variety Packs are a fantastic value, offering not just three high-quality strains with a variety of lineages, but making sure you get four of each so you really get the chance to enjoy them. Every strain is hand selected for its flavor profile and potent effects, and you'll notice the crutches are color-coded so you always know what you're smoking. HuckleBetty (Indica - Relieve Effect) THC 34.4% - Get ready, because HuckleBetty is going to take you by surprise no matter what you're expecting—unless you're expecting a fresh new hybrid that crosses HuckleBerry and Betty. But even then, you wouldn't believe us that the overriding flavor here is some unholy combination of lemon and cheese with a little Old Bay thrown in the mix. While that might sound funky, the HuckleBetty high is soothing and reinvigorating at the same time with a focused head effect and a heavy body stone. London Jelly (Hybrid - Relieve Effect) THC 25.2% CBG 1.03% - London Jelly is a taste explosion. It's like there's a party in your mouth and everybody's making smoothies. You've got vanilla, some berry, and a subtle nuttiness to remind you you're still smoking weed here. The result of a cross between Pancakes and Jealousy, London Jelly presents a smooth palatable smoke and a seductively relaxing high. It heightens your senses and elevates your investment in each sensation, letting you take the bright side view of life, find the flow, and float with it. Maui Waui ( Sativa - Relieve Effect) THC 30.6% CBD 0.11% - If you were hoping for a sativa-dominant hybrid that puts you in a great mood not by speeding you up but by slowing you down, you're welcome. Maui Waui brings all of the rest and relaxation from the second-largest island in Hawaii right to your doorstep here in Oregon. You’ll never find a more perfect combination of volcanic flavor, floral aroma, and uplifting, soothing body effects. Maui Waui will put you in a positive mood that's likely to last the whole rest of the day.
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