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STICKS - STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V6 | 12pk
STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V6 | 12pk
THC: 29.7%
LTRMN's Sticks Variety Packs are a fantastic value, offering not just three high-quality strains with a variety of lineages, but making sure you get four of each so you really get the chance to enjoy them. Every strain is hand selected for its flavor profile and potent effects, and you'll notice the crutches are color-coded so you always know what you're smoking. LA Cake (Relieve effect)- Indica THC 28.4% LA Cake is the best numbing agent you can inhale without a prescription. Its high concentration of THC and β-caryophyllene makes for deep, long-lasting physical relief with a relaxing but fairly clear head high. Expect notes of diesel and pine, underscored by a hint of sour cherry. Just be sure to keep away from any heavy machinery. Project Gary (Lift effect)- Hybrid THC 27.8% Look, having the munchies isn't necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes you want to indulge yourself a little, and Project Gary 9 is here to lift your mood and stimulate your appetite. Its flavor is earthy and savory, making it a great appetizer in its own right, and its smooth high won't leave you feeling too foggy for dessert. Sour Diesel (Lift effect)- Sativa THC 29.7% There are two reasons they call it diesel. The obvious one is that it has a pungent aroma like diesel fuel that catches you in the back of the nostrils. You can thank β-caryophyllene for clearing out your sinuses. The second reason is that this strain will make you rev up your engine. You'll want to throw open your blinds, your windows, maybe even your door and dance right out into the street.
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