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STICKS - STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V9 | 12pk
STICKS | Variety Pack Pre-rolls V9 | 12pk
THC: 31.87%
LTRMN's Sticks Variety Packs are a fantastic value, offering not just three high-quality strains with a variety of lineages, but making sure you get four of each so you really get the chance to enjoy them. Every strain is hand selected for its flavor profile and potent effects, and you'll notice the crutches are color-coded so you always know what you're smoking. Fire Mints (Hybrid - Calm Effect) THC 30.7% CBG 0.18%- Fire Mints is all about that laid-back calm, named more for its heritage than the flavor or effects you can expect. It was bred from Fire OG and Animal Mints, and its taste leans more toward lemons and hops than anything spicy or minty. With a strong showing from β-myrcene and ∂-limonene, Fire Mints will warm you up and put you in a daze just as smoothly as sunbathing on the clothing-optional beach in September. Lemon Royale (Sativa- Calm Effect) THC 31.9% CBG 0.20% - Lemon Royale is a strain bursting with lemon flavors, bright and bold, with gassy undertones, making for a taste that is highly unique. It's so covered in trichomes that your buds might look white or yellow. The strong presence of β-caryophyllene can make it a pretty harsh hit if you're not using a bong or a bubbler and make sure you've got some fresh water to drink regardless. London Pound Kush (Indica- Dream Effect) THC 27.5% - London Pound Kush is a cross between London Poundcake and Kush Mints, resulting in a delectable flavor you won't find anyplace else combined with a swirling, mysterious high that will keep you coming back to the bowl for more. It tastes sweet and sugary with notes of spicy coffee, earthy woods, and a pronounced minty aftertaste. London Pound Kush is the ideal strain for daydreaming, night dreaming, or just getting back to sleep.
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