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STICKS - STICKS Cart | Blueberry Dream Distillate | 1g
STICKS Cart | Blueberry Dream Distillate | 1g
THC: 82.77%
CBD: 0.29%
Blueberry Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid and a legendary daytime strain. In this case, those strains are DJ Short's Blueberry and Super Secret Santa Cruz Haze. It tastes refreshingly like berries, bolstered by a slightly citrus earthy flavor, and offers some of the most balanced effects in our menu. Really, the reason Blueberry Dream has such staying power is that it's predictably consistent from batch to batch and year to year. They might as well just start calling it "regular weed," to distinguish it from some of the more exotic and unpredictable strains. If you're thinking of trying cannabis for the first time, try this strain. Blueberry Dream has a delicious smell, a palatable taste, and stays completely mellow for the whole experience. It delivers an energetic, long-lasting body high, supplemented by a calming sedative effect. Many people appreciate the pain relief they receive from Blueberry Dream, and it has also been known to fight nausea, but this strain will not put you to sleep unless you smoke too much of it. We recommend this strain for any time, it is predictably wonderful for every occasion and always a good option to have on hand.
1 gram
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