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STICKS - STICKS Cart | Mimosa Distillate | 1g
STICKS Cart | Mimosa Distillate | 1g
THC: 82.46%
CBD: 0.53%
Sunday Brunch always feels like a power move, like after brunch anything can be accomplished and even with a smile on your face. Some think that mimosas are only a brunch option, but with this strain it will be brunch whenever you want. Just make sure you don’t smoke this strain too late, since the energy boost can be pretty full on. Mimosa by STICKS will give an uplifted and energetic high that still allows you to focus on whatever tasks need to be done. If you are the type of person that needs a little extra motivation to get things done, or a helping hand with overcoming anxiety, then this strain is perfect for you. It will instantly create a happier and lighter mood. If the high doesn’t sell you then the flavor and aroma just might be the thing that does the trick. Of course there is a general citrus flavor, with notes of orange and grapefruit, and the aroma is just heavenly. It smells a little like herbal tea, but really the Mimosa strain is just like the drink, perfect and subtle; just right for lifting your mood. Getting daily adult chores done can be difficult, but this strain makes it so much easier to conquer the day. It is perfect for a wake and bake since it won’t leave you sleepy or couch-locked. The strain will help with any symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression so errands can actually be enjoyable. Plus, newbie smokers will be able to enjoy the mellow but happy high this strain provides.
1 gram
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