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STICKS - STICKS Cart | Slurricane Distillate | 1g
STICKS Cart | Slurricane Distillate | 1g
THC: 90.62%
CBD: 0.67%
This strain packs a punch, so we'll go ahead and tell you right now that it's best for people who already have high tolerance. Otherwise, taking a fat hit of Slurricane may be the last thing you do today. And that's okay—some people rely on cannabis to help them get to sleep, and that's one thing Slurricane does well. It has a delightful berry flavor with plenty of tropical fruit accents and an earthy exhale. You'll feel the creeping tingly effects in the back of your head, tickling your cerebellum, as soon as you take your first hit. It grows into a soaring euphoria that will lift your spirits before settling behind your eyes with a heavy haze. Then comes the body high, which is the real reason to appreciate this strain. Slurricane will lull you into a state of horizontal bliss, great for easing physical pain while letting your conscious mind float away into quiet serenity. This is a perfect nighttime strain, especially for people who have trouble getting to sleep. Slurricane is also a great midnight toke for people who get up for a snack and have difficulty laying back down for sleep.
1 gram
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