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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | Alpine OG Sugar Sauce | 1g
White Label Extracts | Alpine OG Sugar Sauce | 1g
THC: 67.8%
Like sap dripping straight from the tap, this Sugar Sauce from White Label Extracts is thick, golden, and syrupy. It looks good enough to eat (but don't actually lick it, because it's not going to do anything. It hasn't been decarboxylated yet.) And this is Alpine OG! If there was ever a strain that should resemble tree sap, it's this one. It's got an earthy flavor, sprinkled with citrus and spice, preserved in this Sugar Sauce like it's frozen in amber. Some people swear they taste coffee on the exhale. Alpine OG is exactly what you need after a long day of cutting tracks down the slopes—or any other time you feel absolutely exhausted. It's not going to perk you up exactly, but it's got enough of a ∂-limonene kick to help you get the last couple things you need to do for the day out of the way before you settle into the groove. The soaring lift of this high fades into a deeply calming state of inner peace that radiates out from your mind through the furthest extremities of your body. Soon, you'll drift off into a rejuvenating slumber that will leave you waking up refreshed tomorrow.
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