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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | Garlic Sherb Shatter | 1g
White Label Extracts | Garlic Sherb Shatter | 1g
THC: 73.65%
While everybody loves the spine-tingling effects weed can have on our brains, a lot of people are interested in the uniquely inimitable flavors of a lot of the different strains, combinations that they might never get to encounter anyplace else. Garlic Sherb is like that. Nobody in their right mind would try to make garlic-flavored gelato, but if you've ever wondered what that might taste like, this strain is for you. Garlic Sherb wears its lineage on its sleeve—it's a 60/40 indica hybrid bred from GMO and Blueberry Sherbet. To say the flavor profile is complex would be an understatement—it's nutty, piney, and peppery all at the same time. Entire evenings could be passed alternating between taking hits and trying to pinpoint what it reminds you of. What everyone can agree on is how it makes you feel, and that is nothing but sweet, quiet, unadulterated calm. With the aftertaste of Garlic Sherb still lingering on your tongue, you'll find your mind start to wander, exploring new connections between thoughts you never could have come up with otherwise. It's a calm comparable to the absolute center of the largest library you can imagine, the whole world at your fingertips.
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