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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | Honey Bun X Cot Cake Sugar Sauce | 1g
White Label Extracts | Honey Bun X Cot Cake Sugar Sauce | 1g
THC: 67.7%
We just love how, even after all these years, weed can still surprise us. This hybrid of Honey Bun and Cot Cake is the perfect example of how something unexpected and new can accentuate a familiar favorite. With Honey Bun, you get exactly what you would expect—a sweet and savory palate that'll tickle your nose. The β-caryophyllene in this hybrid is off the charts, and White Label Extracts makes a Sugar Sauce that keeps every last molecule intact. Close behind it is ∂-limonene, offering a lemon glaze to the flavor. Cot Cake, on the other hand, likes to stay mysterious, adding a nearly imperceptible note of dank skunk. When Honey Bun and Cot Cake combine, they'll stick you to wherever you're sitting for the next couple of hours. The calm that washes over you is not quite narcotic—you won't exactly feel sleepy—but it is relaxing enough to help you smooth over the transition from daytime to night time. It's as if someone distilled golden hour into an easy-to-dab concentrate so you could conjure it up whenever you need it. Just make sure you've already got a plan for dinner, because it can bring about the munchies.
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