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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | Apple Banana Crasher Live Resin | 1g
White Label Extracts | Apple Banana Crasher Live Resin | 1g
THC: 68.08%
CBD: 0.11%
You know how White Label Extracts likes to keep things close to the vest, especially when it comes to new stuff that they haven't even rolled out everywhere, right? This Apple Banana Crasher is only on a couple shelves right now, so we have to consider ourselves pretty lucky to be able to share it with you. It's an indica hybrid that's about to become the centerpiece of your after work wind-down ritual. When you get the chance to finally sit down for a few minutes of "me" time, Apple Banana Crasher will be there for you like a genie in a bottle who only gives unlimited temple massages. It soothes your nerves too, with a reassuring and uplifting high that leaves you more willing to engage with the outside world. And you can't beat that fruit bowl flavor. Apple Banana Crasher tastes like agua fresca, flavored with sugary banana, sour apple, and just a hint of vanilla. That's the nice thing about a Live Resin—its terpene profile stays faithful to the original flower. Once you get a taste of it, you won't be able to get it out of your head until you've hit it a second time.
1 gram
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