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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | Forbidden Fruit Punch Live Resin | 1g
White Label Extracts | Forbidden Fruit Punch Live Resin | 1g
THC: 74.4%
When 2:30 rolls around and you aren't sure whether you want to even try to do anything else or just kick off for the rest of the day, it's good to have a strain you can turn to while you ponder your options. Forbidden Fruit Punch is here to help ensure that, whatever you choose, you can feel good about your decision. It's a great indica-leaning hybrid with balanced effects that will leave you satisfied and smiling regardless of the outcome. Forbidden Fruit Punch is the offspring of Forbidden Fruit and Black Cherry Punch. With this Live Resin vape cartridge from White Label Extracts, you get every note of that fruity goodness from the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat. It's got a little bit of a kick to it with a subtle peppery aftertaste that might make you cough, but the effects are well worth it. Once you've taken a hit of Forbidden Fruit Punch, you'll start to see things from a totally mellow new perspective. It's a slow-rising, subtle high, perfect for lifting you out of that afternoon lull. Unless you're lying down, in which case you'll definitely be taking a nap next.
1 gram
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