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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | G-Thang Cured Resin | 1g
White Label Extracts | G-Thang Cured Resin | 1g
THC: 76.9%
The mood of G-Thang is "Relieve" but what it really does is open a temporal portal to let you relive the halcyon days of yore, that magical time in all of our lives before we took on the full weight of the world, when we still had the energy and impetuousness to stay out late into the night, come home long after dawn, and light up a couple fatties to bridge the gap between then and when we got to do it all over again. For White Label Extracts, that time period is clearly 1992, when Snoop Dogg first burst into the rap scene on Dr. Dre's first solo album, "The Chronic." Aside from its problematic attitude toward women, "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" is still a banger worth bumping in the back of your ride, and G-Thang will have you feeling as laid back and relaxed as Snoop getting funky on the mic. This G-Thang Cured Resin is a seasoned throwback. Its musky aroma conjures images of cars as wide as boats, sunsets that last for hours, and the awesome nearly-infinity majesty of the Pacific Ocean. The feeling is indescribable, it's like "this and like that and like this and a..."
1 gram
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