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Yeti - Yeti | Blue Runtz & Mendo Breath Pre rolls| 10pk
Yeti | Blue Runtz & Mendo Breath Pre rolls| 10pk
THC: 20.15%
CBD: 0.1%
Blue Runtz The worst part about winter is that you can't just float down the river in an inner tube, lazing in the sun while you let your mind drift away. Fortunately for us, there's Blue Runtz. It tastes like springtime with sugary notes of vanilla, sprinkled with citrus flavors like blueberry and pear. While you're indulging in the lipsmackingly-good flavors, the Blue Runtz high settles in like river water around an eddy. By the time you lift your head to check out your surroundings, you'll find yourself filled with a serene euphoria, feeling creative but unfocused, without a care in the world. Mendo Breath Mendo Breath comes on a little quicker. Instead of creeping up while you appreciate the flavor, it hits you right after that first exhale (which will make you cough just a little bit.) It's sweet like candy, but with a musky aftertaste. You'll know the Mendo Breath is starting to take effect when a tingling sensation starts to creep over your skull, wriggle down your spine, and settle deep into your muscles. Before you know it, you'll be glued to the couch and not even mad about it in the slightest. This makes Mendo Breath great for nighttime use, or that long-coveted afternoon nap. Each pack contains 10 1 gram prerolls with a divider to separate each strain.
10.0 grams
Price per unit
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