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Yeti - Yeti | Ya Hemi & Rainbow Sherbert Pre rolls| 10pk
Yeti | Ya Hemi & Rainbow Sherbert Pre rolls| 10pk
THC: 25.73%
CBD: 0.06%
Ya Hemi (Relieve Effect) THC 22.5% CBG 0.08% - Ya Hemi is the type of creeper strain that might trick you into thinking it isn't very high—at least after the first hit—but trust us, you want to take it nice and easy with this one. Ya Hemi leans sativa, and if you're sensitive, you'll feel that initial subtle rush of giddiness before the body effects kick in. Its parents are Project 4516 and Melonatta, and it inherited their sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. It's great for a day full of doing nothing, because you might wind up too spaced out for whatever you may have had planned. Rainbow Sherbert#11 (Flow/Creative Effect) THC 25.7% CBG 0.17 - As fun as it is to get completely blitzed, sometimes you want a high that still leaves you able to function, something that's calming and relaxing, but won't knock you out. Rainbow Sherbet is great for days when you have things to do, but you want to be cool about it—the very definition of a wake-and-bake strain. It starts with a stimulating high that promotes alertness and congeniality, which is ideal for knocking out your to-do list. It smells like the gelato cooler at your favorite ice cream parlor, full of cherry, berry, and just a hint of frosty pine.
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