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Oregon Hempfest 2022

It’s back! Get ready for Oregon Hempfest 2022, a return to something resembling normal—well, maybe more NORML than normal, but you get it. Oregon Hempfest was the first Hempfest to be officially licensed after the original, and it will be back on July 16th and 17th, 2022, after a two-year COVID-related hiatus. As of this writing, Oregon is 70% vaccinated, and it’s such a relief to be able to participate in cannabis events again.

Hempfest is one of the best cannabis events in Oregon. It’s an offshoot of the original Seattle Hempfest, which has been celebrating cannabis activism for over thirty years, starting in 1991 as the “Washington Hemp Expo” to advance sensible cannabis legislation. Oregon’s Hempfest was started in 2015, so they’re celebrating their seventh anniversary.

The event gets started with a Friday night pre-party for VIP ticket holders, sponsors, vendors, speakers, and other industry leaders, with the soundtrack provided by special musical guests. Really, there are almost two Hempfests, the day events and the night events.

The day events run from 10:00am until 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, and they’ll be packed full of music, giveaways, information about cannabis, great food to sate your munchies, and tons of trippy art.

Then the night events kick off around 10:00pm with an EDM dome provided by Unity and even more festivities. A night pass includes a camping pass, so you don’t have to worry about trying to find your way home, stoned, in the dark. There are designated campgrounds on-site for anyone staying the weekend, and Hempfest encourages tents and hammocks for sleeping off the high. (There’s limited space for RV’s or campers, and no electric or sewer hookups.)

Hempfest is rather cryptic about possession and consumption of cannabis at the event (a sign that there is still work to be done advancing the laws governing cannabis consumption), and they attendees from their FAQ to the OLCC for guidance. The short version is that you can carry up to an ounce of usable marijuana on your person, but you’re not permitted to consume it anyplace besides private property. Is the event hosted on private property? Can you consume cannabis at this cannabis-themed Hempfest event? Sounds like a question to ask when you get there!

Some of the rules that are a little clearer include:

  • No pets.
  • No fireworks, campfires, or candles. (Camp stoves are okay if you have a camping pass, but there will be tons of food available for purchase.)
  • No outside food or alcohol. (Unless you have a camping pass.)
  • No swimming in the pond (but the straw-bale pool is likely okay).

Oregon Hempfest 2022 will take place in Oakland, Oregon, making it a great addition to any 420-friendly road trip.

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