Pot Mates Dedicates Computers to Help Folding@Home Fight COVID-19

Standford Scientist Looking at a Protein on a Computer Screen

While the most important thing we can all do in our fight against COVID-19 is to stay masked, stay at home if possible, and keep washing our hands, many people have been wondering: what else can I do to help?

We can’t speak to reports of how cannabis affects the coronavirus since we are a retail weed delivery service, but we can talk about ways our community can make sure cannabis fights COVID-19 in other ways. Here at Pot Mates, we wanted to be proactive and find a way to implement our existing technology to contribute to the greater good, so we joined Stanford University’s Folding@Home project—and if you have a personal computer, you can help too!

To figure out how to treat something like the coronavirus, scientists need to understand its structure and how it behaves. One thing we know about viruses is that they have proteins that they use to reproduce themselves and to suppress our immune systems. Proteins are made up of chains of chemicals called amino acids that can spontaneously “fold” into little structures. The configuration of these components determines how a protein behaves, and understanding how these viral proteins behave will better equip scientists to develop a therapeutic.

Stanford University developed a tool for using computer simulations to understand different proteins’ moving parts. Pot Mates computers now run a small client app called Folding@Home that allows us to help run simulations of protein dynamics. Drug companies usually have to employ the help of supercomputers to model these simulations, but Folding@Home enables millions of personal computers to share the workload and achieve the same results. As a result, Folding@Home has become one of the world’s fastest computing systems, achieving a speed of 768 petaFLOPS in March 2020 and making it the world’s first exaFLOP computing systems (that’s a billion billion calculations per second.)

Since implementing Folding@Home, team PotMates is in the top 3.5% of contributors, and we’re just getting started! We would love for you to join the cause and help the cannabis community fight COVID-19.

Help us show the world what the cannabis community can do by using our team number, 248684, and join us!

Join our team by following these easy steps to install Folding@Home on your computer and start modeling protein simulations with us today:

For Windows

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Click Yes, Next, I Agree, Next, Finish.
  3. Enter a name and/or team # (248684 for Pot Mates) and request a passkey if you want one.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Done!

For Mac

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Click Continue, Continue, Agree, Install.
  3. Enter admin username and password.
  4. Click OK, Close.
  5. Web Control page opens
  6. Enter a name and/or team # (248684 for Pot Mates) and request a passkey if you want one.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Done!

Once installed, the web control interface should open in your browser automatically (it may take a while so just leave the program open and don’t close or shut down your computer) and then you’re ready to declare your identity and start folding! We highly recommend you bookmark the web control interface page so you can get back to it easily. It will show your computer’s progress, its resource usage, and some key settings to manage the application’s performance.

Whether you decide to join our team or start your own, please consider contributing. It only takes a few clicks, you’ll barely notice it running on your computer (your fans will make some noise), and the results could be life-saving. We’re all in this together!

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