Let’s talk.

Either you’ve read everything else and you still want to know more or you have an audience and think Pot Mates cannabis delivery would make for an interesting conversation. We try and be the most thoughtful team when it comes to our service and have thought through and discussed every detail thoroughly. We have tried to share all of our thoughts about what we do and why we think customers should choose Pot Mates, but you may still have questions. We welcome them and we would love to speak with you. As one of the few Black Owned cannabis dispensaries in Portland, we would love to share our experience and the history of the founder, Hammond Potter.

We will be developing a formal press and media kit if you are looking for more traditional information. In the meantime, feel free to fill out the contact form and join our email list or contact us directly at highthere@potmatespdx.com or call us at (971) 255-0076. Please reach out even if you are not here in Portland, Oregon. We are still happy to share our thoughts about the cannabis community.

We’ve been planning Pot Mate’s launch for years and we love brainstorming about the future of cannabis. If you’re curious about how this all works, how it’s been working for us, and what our vision of success looks like, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about it. We believe that knowledge should be shared, and we have accumulated a lot of it. Together, we can help remove the stigma associated with cannabis.

Give us a little information about yourself and what we can do for you and we will be in touch.

    You can read more about Pot Mates here and our brand promises here.