Pot Mates Needs Your Help

We launched our company, Pot Mates, a cannabis delivery service, during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful to Portland and Oregon leadership for ensuring businesses can open and operate safely, and we are grateful to our community for taking precautions to keep everyone safe. As a marijuana delivery company, this makes reaching potential customers more difficult than it already was since we can’t advertise, so we would love your help spreading the word.

We need your help reaching people in Portland.

It took over two years to make Pot Mates a reality, and launched, as planned, on 4:20pm April 20th, 2020. Clever, right? We thought you’d like that. Now we need the cannabis community’s support reaching people in Portland to let them know that we are here with great cannabis products and an amazing service.

We have built what we think is the best online cannabis shopping experience in Portland. Finding products on our site is as simple as deciding how you want to feel today. There are few price tiers to make it easy to choose whatever product you want without making concessions because one product is more expensive. Our cannabis delivery has no minimums, we deliver anywhere in Portland as long as it’s a residential address, and we accept debit cards for weed delivery.

You don’t need to Google “cannabis delivery near me.” If you are anywhere in Portland,—from Multnomah Village, the Raleigh Hills or the NW Hills, to the pearl district and Woodstock,—we have you covered. You can get cannabis delivered to Sellwood, Division, Hawthorne, and Killingsworth. Cannabis delivery is now available from NW Portland and SW Portland to “over the river” in NE Portland and SE Portland. You give us a Portland residential address, and we will be there with free marijuna delivery. Did we mention no minimums?

How Can You Help? (Thanks for asking!)

Take a look at our menu. Explore the site. Read some of our articles. If you like what you see and want to support us we would love it if you shared our story with your friends or followers. Pot Mates is a startup in a unique industry launching during the most difficult environment any business has faced in generations, and we need the help of the cannabis community since most events are shut -and, you know, the whole can’t advertise thing.

We have written tons of articles on our cannabis blog and, if you find one you like, even just sharing it goes a long way in helping us. If you are willing to help share our story, there are a few other simple things you can do. Please find us on social media at PotMatesPDX on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and give us a like and a follow.

If you have an outlet where we could speak and share our message we would be more than grateful. Please reach out to highthere@potmatespdx.com or call us at (971) 255-0076. We love talking about our journey and the cannabis industry.

Lastly, if you are here in Portland, Oregon, obviously you could pick your favorite cannabis, weed, or marijuana product, and we will happily deliver it to you. We set up a cannabis delivery coupon for your first order. Use “POTMATESFIRST” for a ten percent discount good for as many products as we can legally deliver in one go. However, don’t forget there are no minimums, and you can use the coupon discount even if you just want to try out a product or two.

You can read more about Pot Mates and why we do things the way we do things here. For now, thank you for your time and stay safe out there!

All the best,
The Pot Mates Team,
Hammond Potter
Jason Hinson
Hakon Khajavei