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33rd Degree .5 Gram Vape Cartridge


Indica     THC 69.04%    CBD 0.09%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 3.46%    Limonene 2.32%     Humulene 1.01%     

33rd Degree is a mysterious strain that shares its name with an honorary degree conferred for meritorious service to craft masonry. Make no mistake, this is a craft strain. You can tell from the hoppy flavor that also carries notes of lemon pepper and zest. 33rd Degree is perfect for contemplating the mysteries of the universe while relaxing from a long day.

Bred from Platinum and Gelato 33, this strain from Willamette Valley Alchemy can numb you up while still delivering enough uplifting effects to keep you energized. Whether you have to do chores after work or you want to take the day off, 33rd Degree delivers the right balance of pain relief and stimulation to keep you going. It’s also great for headaches.

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