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Alibi Cannabis Rainbow Crush Pre-Rolls (10pk)


Hybrid    THC 31.2%    CBG 0.11%    CBN 0.06%

Grown by Alibi Cannabis

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.68%    ∂-limonene 0.52%    β-caryophyllene 0.51%


A 50-50 hybrid3 that straddles the line between Indica4 and Sativa5, Rainbow Crush offers long-lasting effects that are perfect for lounging around on your day off. It’s the result of a cross between Rainbow Kush and Orange Crush—and you can tell by the flavor. 

Pass it under your nose and you’ll notice the flower smells citrusy and a little sweet—just like orange soda. Once you smoke it, the flavor takes on a darker, skunkier taste. Don’t worry, the fruity notes come back on the exhale, leading you to hit it again and again.

Rainbow Crush delivers a lifted sensation with cresting waves of euphoria that sweep through you for the full length of the high. The flower smells citrusy and a little sweet—just like orange soda—but once you smoke it, the flavor takes on a darker, skunky taste. Don’t worry, the fruity notes come back on the exhale, leading you to hit it again and again.

This pre-roll pack from Alibi Cannabis gives you everything you need to chill out and relax for the rest of the day. It contains ten 0.5g joints of handcrafted cannabis to put you at ease with some of the finest flower they have to offer.

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Two things we look for in all of the producers we partner with is that they share our values and they make some of the best cannabis products in the state. Alibi Cannabis grows phenomenal flower with a focus on helping people who have a genuine medical need for it. The company was co-founded by CEO Marianne Cursetjee after a bout with cancer. She found that cannabis was instrumental to her treatment regimen, and she wanted to share that success with as many people as possible.
Alibi Cannabis does one thing, and they do it well: they grow high-potency strains of cannabis flower as efficiently as possible. They don't make edibles, extracts, or tinctures, they just grow marijuana plants, and we respect that singular focus. Alibi uses a natural cultivation process to produce hand-crafted cannabis from exceptional genetics. Everything about Alibi's operation has been developed to improve the quality and yield of their harvest. They've designed their own drying and curing process, investing just as much in post-harvest technology as they do in the growth and cultivation of their plants. Alibi actually has an engineer on staff who worked on the building and designed the infrastructure and a lot of the equipment they use.
Of course, all this focus on process is nothing without investing in the people who make it possible, and that's a place where Alibi Cannabis shines. They pay everyone a living wage and offer all of their full-time employees full benefits including medical and dental insurance, as well as paid time off. This is reflective of their values. From the ground up, Alibi is committed to building up the cannabis community with genuine relationships, being an example of the change they want to see in the world by treating everyone with respect and integrity. They just want to help people be present and life a fun, relaxing lifestyle.
At a time when a lot of cannabis cultivars are still operating under a factory farming model, it's encouraging to see a company like Alibi Cannabis raising the bar for the rest of the industry.
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