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Animal Mints #15


Hybrid- Indica     THC 26%    CBD 0.1%

Grown by Deschutes Growery

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


This is from the tippy top of the top shelf, one of those rare strains that make us so grateful we got into the business. Pot Mates Connoisseur Collection consists of the finest flower from the greatest craft growers in Oregon, grown with extreme care and meticulously cured. These flowers are pungent and exotic, sparkling with trichomes, and overflowing with terpenes.

Animal Mints from Deschutes growery is a lovely strain with an impressive pedigree. Not many strains hail from three distinct parents, but this one is the product of Animal Mints F1 crossed with Wedding Cake. Animal Mints is a robust hybrid that looks amazing, tastes delicious, and is the perfect complement to any free time you might be able to squeeze out of your week.

This is a particularly good flower to accompany you on a visit to the spa or a long soak in a hot tub. It comes on with a cerebral head high, offering a sleepy lifted feeling that’s ideal for transitioning to a more chill mindset. This subtle euphoria soon gives way to a sweeping full-body high that some people find ideal for after work and evening use, or letting your mind drift away while your body restores itself.

Animal Mints has a surprisingly sweet flavor like vanilla biscotti with notes of mint and cookie dough, highlighted by just a hint of diesel. Use a bong or a bubbler to cool down the smoke so you can appreciate the whole taste spectrum.

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