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Bahama Blizzard


Hybrid     THC 21.76%     CBG 0.06%     CBC 0.04%

Primary Terpenes: 

Limonene 0.52%    β-Caryophyllene 0.28%     β-Myrcene 0.17%


Bahama Blizzard an evenly-balanced hybrid—50% Indica and 50% Sativa—bred from Caribbean Cooler and Jet Fuel Gelato. The Caribbean Cooler gives Bahama Blizzard its earthy, spicy fruit flavor that turns sour with the influence of Jet Fuel Gelato’s pungent diesel notes. Prepare to get the munchies and make sure you drink plenty of water.

This is a functional and active high, perfect for staying occupied indoors during cold rainy days. Despite its indica heritage, it’s uplifting enough that you can smoke it in the morning and still be awake by the evening. A strong presence of limonene means you can hope to stay clear-headed, although the one-two combo of β-caryophyllene and β-myrcene does lead to some wild imaginings.

If you’re looking to shake off the shackles of the shadier seasons, Bahama Blizzard will make you feel like you’re on a warm sunny beach in spite of the dim light and interminable precipitation outside.

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Brands: Pistil Point
Pistol Point Cannabis is an Oregon-based producer and extractor of premium craft cannabis consisting of three focuses: Pistil Point Farms, Pistil Point Manufacturing, and Pistil Point Management. It was founded by Sid Gupta, the company's current CEO, in 2014, the same year Oregon passed Measure 91 to make recreational cannabis legal. Since then, Pistil Point Cannabis has produced dozens of indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD strains, including Bahama Blizzard and Garlic Breath.Pistil Point Farms sources its genetics from leading breeders in the world, with a special fondness for native Oregon cultivars and phenotypes. They partnered with the late Cliff Robinson, Kent Jones, and DJ Short, the geneticist who cultivated Blueberry which went on to produce Blue Dream. They operate out of a 300,000-square-foot growing facility on the outskirts of Portland. It used to be a warehouse for audio equipment, but now it's one of the largest indoor facilities in the Pacific Northwest. The Pistil Point Farms facility houses growers, trimmers, delivery drivers, and a marketing team.All of the plants are grown using a 50/50 blend of Pistil Point's custom "super soil" and coco. Every cannabis plant is organic and treated with the utmost care. They are individually hand watered, hand fed, hand trimmed. Craft growers guide their development with canopy management techniques that involve pruning branches to guide plant growth across a wide netting so every bud gets individual attention from moisture and light alike.Pistil Point Manufacturing produces fractional distillate, bubble hash, pre-rolled joints, and butane hash oil, maintaining the same standards for quality and safety that they use for cultivating their flower. Their extract systems have been honed down to a science, and that results in reliably consistent quality from batch to batch.Pistil Point Management takes what Pistil Point has learned about cultivating and processing cannabis and makes it available to others through consulting services. We appreciate the experience they bring to the table as they help other cannabis cultivars in other states respond to their own legalization initiatives.
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