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Hybrid     THC 33.22%     CBG 0.25%         CBC 0.05%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.48%   β-Caryophyllene 0.34%   Linalool 0.19%


Blackberry is an absolutely mouthwatering strain that results from the cross of Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. Blackberry is a perfectly balanced hybrid that allows you to get up and keep going without dragging you down—so long as you have the tolerance to keep up with it. This weed is 33.22% THC, among the highest we’ve ever seen in a flower.

Blackberry has a uniquely pungent aroma full of fruity notes against a backdrop of skunky diesel fuel. It comes in big fluffy buds with purple hues, bright orange hairs and shiny white crystals. This is a bud that grinds up easily for packing in a bowl or rolling into a joint—just make sure to follow proper joint-smoking etiquette!

We recommend this strain for days that require minimal effort. If you’re planning to hit up a spa, tube down a river, or spend some time in a hot tub, it’s the perfect choice to luxuriate and reconnect with your chill side. Under the right conditions, you may even get a nap out of it.

Brands: F&J's Farm
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