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Buddies Blueberry Diesel OG 1 gram Vape Cartridge


Hybrid    THC 84.1%     CBG 2.3%     CBN 1.47%

Primary Terpenes: 

Limonene 1.3%     Mercene .06%     Carophyllene 0.5%


Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. This strain has everything you love about weed in one convenient cartridge. It’s descended from the holy matrimony of Blueberry OG and Sour Diesel,—living proof that opposites attract and sometimes the answer to the age-old question of which is better, Indica or Sativa, is rightly: both.

Blueberry brings sweet fruity flavors and a long lasting sense of relaxed euphoria. This paves the way for Sour Diesel to do its work, ramping up with energizing cerebral effects. As a result, Blueberry Diesel OG has a high that creeps up on you. You might not feel it at first, but soon you’ll be grooving to the music, fixated on the bright and colorful, and leaning into the rush of physical sensations.

Beware of the munchies, or simply be prepared to lean into the indulgence of extreme relaxation. This strain mixes well with other people, but it’s also just a phenomenal all-around grade-A strain for rocking your own vibe for a while.

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Brands: Buddies
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