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Buddies Lemon Tree 1G Distillate Cartridge


Hybrid     THC 86.8%     CBG 1.2%         CBD 1.1%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.51%    ∂-limonene 0.44%    β-Caryophyllene 0.28%


Lemon Skunk crossed with Sour Diesel creates a strain to be the envy of all Shelbyville. You would think that two Sativa-dominant strains would yield a high that’s speedy and intense, but that wasn’t what drove the cultivation of Lemon Tree. It vapes like it was carefully selected for the dreamier, more hallucinogenic aspects of its parents—all with an intoxicating flavor of familiarity.

It’s got everything you love—that sharp zesty taste of fresh lemons, underscored by the skunky smell of diesel fuel. It’s pungent and pleasant at the same time. The high from Lemon Tree starts with a euphoric rush that tickles your funny bone and kickstarts your imagination. As the head high ripens, you’ll feel the body high as a tingle that turns into a full-on buzz.

Lemon Tree’s high THC level will have you drifting off to sleep in no time, free from the sorts of aches and discomfort that might usually keep you awake. Its uncanny flavor and dreamlike trance earned it second-best hybrid in 2014’s Seattle Cannabis Cup.

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Brands: Buddies
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