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Cadillac Cookies


Hybrid     THC 26.75%     CBG 0.12%         CBC 0.07%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 0.64%    ∂-limonene 0.34    Linalool 0.29%


Get ready for the most laid-back summer daze flower on the market. Cadillac Cookies will send you rolling down the street smoking indo and sipping on gin and juice. Know what we’re talking about? Laid back. But in the passenger’s seat.

This is relaxation supreme, the kind of weed that inserts a little sweetness in the sunniest of California days. Cadillac Cookies is the proud offspring of Cadillac Purple and Platinum GSC, and that holiest of unholy unions had produced a smooth smoke and a gorgeous flower. It’s flavor is floral and full of fruit, easy on the inhale with no coughing.

Cadillac Cookies offers a high that starts subtle, sneaking up on you from the back of your cerebellum, but soon you’ll find yourself feeling totally relaxed, seemingly out of the blue. You’ll feel your body fade away with a gentle cheerful numbness while your mind floats off into a blissful oblivion. It’s great if you’re feeling stressed or if you’ve got no place else to be but home sweet home.

Brands: Nugz
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