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LOWD Cake Mints Cannabis Flower


Indica     THC 23.4%     CBG 0.06%

Grown by LOWD 

Primary Terpenes: 

∂-limonene 0.53%    β-caryophyllene 0.51%    Linalool 0.31%


Admit it, sometimes the best part of dinner is getting to dessert, and that’s what this strain is all about. Cake Mints is awesome for those after dinner lulls when you just want to disappear into a movie or bed down for the night—maybe to get up later for a midnight snack.

Just look at that flower! It smells just as good, with notes of cake and skunk with just a hint of lemon. The hit is smooth, sweet, and tasty, with a little bit of a gassy flavor on the exhale. We recommend enjoying it rolled up into a joint or packed into a blunt.

Cake Mints is particularly good for movie marathons with friends and lots of snacks. If you time it just right at the start of the Lord of The Rings, you’ll remember the prologue and be feeling the effects before Sam and Frodo take their first step out of the Shire. Other people enjoy it for the calm relaxation it brings to bedtime, so you might even skip the movie and just head straight to dreamland.

This is from the tippy top of the top shelf, one of those rare strains that make us so grateful we got into the business. Pot Mates Connoisseur Collection consists of the finest flower from the greatest craft growers in Oregon, grown with extreme care and meticulously cured. These flowers are pungent and exotic, sparkling with trichomes, and overflowing with terpenes.

Brands: LOWD
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