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Carbon Fiber


Hybrid- Indica    THC 25.1%    CBG 0.14% 

Grown by The Heights Co

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


When you see those dark green nugs laced with purple hues, it’s easy to see how Carbon Fiber gets its name. It even has the same sheen, although this flower gets its shine from the pearly white trichomes speckling its surface. It’s like someone dipped each flower in a shallow bowl of powdered sugar.

Carbon Fiber has a complex heritage, representing a three-strain cross between Cookies & Cream (Cannabis Strain)|Cookies & Cream, Grape Pie, and Biscotti. It’s two-thirds indica, which helps account for its sublime calming effect. Carbon Fiber offers a balanced high that leaves you feeling totally euphoric and equally relaxed.

Fortunately, Cookies & Cream is there in the mix to make sure things don’t get too heavy. Instead of putting you to sleep, it simply coaxes you into a state of serene peace with the world around you, ready to engage with anything that comes your way. Carbon Fiber is a great anytime strain, letting you comfortably lose track of time whether you’re hanging out with your friends, watching a movie, or tackling household chores.

Use up to 1000 - 6500 points to purchase this product! Restrictions apply
Use up to 1000 - 6500 points to purchase this product! Restrictions apply

The Heights Co. is a top-tier small-batch craft cannabis garden. They're located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Since 2014, they've been producing and distributing premium flower to a wide variety of Oregon dispensaries. 

They keep their menu fresh by partnering with notable cannabis breeders to access authentic, exclusive, and world-class genetics, producing quality strains like Orange Sherbet, Purple Punch, and Carbon Fiber. The Heights Co. rotates their menu frequently to ensure their consumers always receive the best of the best. 

The Heights Co. meticulously tailors every step of the growth and post-harvest process to the specific needs of the each plant, from seed to smoke, to ensure that each cultivar's unique cannabinoid and terpene profile achieves its optimal expression. A lot of cannabis can seem similar at first glance, but it's those subtle differences where each strain has the chance to really shine, and that's where The Heights Co. chooses to direct their focus.

Their production facility employs practices that have been developed by the owners over decades of indoor cannabis cultivation. There's no substitute for direct experience, and The Heights Co. has developed a close relationship with the plant to understand its preferences. This deep understanding allows them to bring forth the full potential of every carefully curated strain.

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