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Citrus Farmer x Cake Crasher Live Badder Concentrate


Hybrid     THC 60.27%.    CBD <LOQ%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.91%     Limonene 1.18%     α-Humulene .59%

Citrus Farmer x Cake Crasher is great for any time of day. Citrus Farmer offers a cerebral, energizing high that’s perfect to get you out of your seat and on your way to do things. Cake Crashers brings a more mellow sedative effect with sparks of creativity. With those powers combined, the day is yours to seize.

Expect an earthy, lemon pepper flavor with a hint of berries and a sweet aftertaste. Citrus Farmer X Cake Crashers is delightful from the first hit. It comes on with a rush of activating euphoria followed up by a subtle slightly relaxed feeling of contentment and optimism. This strain would be perfect for a day hike, a trip to the farmer’s market, team sports or physical exercise, and any time you’ve got a task to accomplish.

Willamette Valley Alchemy creates truly unique hydrocarbon-based cannabis extractions using custom solvents. They focus on terpene preservation, made from the highest-grade cannabis sourced within the Willamette Valley.

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