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Decibel Dabs 24K Gold Live Diamonds


Hybrid     THC 75.3%        CBN 0.62%     CBD 0.32%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


24K Gold is no accident. It was bred by DNA Genetics when they decided to create a powerful indica-dominant hybrid by crossing Kosher Kush with Tangie. This is a combination that yields both a smooth, lip-smacking taste and an unparalleled high that is perfect for bedtime.

At the heart of its genetics is Hindu Kush, a landrace indica that is known for knocking most people on the couch when it doesn’t knock them out, but some people want to ease into their night and would prefer not to go to sleep with a nasty taste in their mouth. Tangie balances out the Kush with a fruity front and a peppery exhale. 24K Gold offers a nearly psychedelic high, perfect for drifting off to sleep when the boundary between waking life and dreamland becomes too blurry to see.

Diamonds are the best way to experience it, too. They’re made from fresh frozen flower and extracted in a pressurized chamber to retain all the flavor and potency of the original with no harmful byproducts.

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