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Decibel LOUDS Citrus Sap


Sativa    THC 15.2%    

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Decibel Farms has done it again with this awesome preroll. LOUDS Citrus Sap are coated with cannabis oil and dusted with kief or blonde bubble hash to add an extra boost of potency and flavor. This is not a one-person joint unless you’re going to smoke it over multiple sessions.

Citrus Sap makes its presence known with a sweet and sour bouquet of smells that combine a sour aroma with sweet citrus funk and a faint odor of hops. It’s delicious and particularly mouthwatering as a preroll. The high runs the full gamut of experience, too. It starts slow, with a creeping couchlock that leads to full body relaxation full of tingly, soothing waves and a head high that hightens sensation for an almost hallucinogenic experience.

If you’re looking for a restful sleep full of wild, imaginative dreams, Citrus Sap is for you. It’s great for bedtime, daydreaming, or any other time you want your imagination to run wild. This can also be a great strain for creativity, if you can manage to keep your eyes open.

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