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Dr. Jolly’s Cotton Candy Kush Diamonds


Hybrid    THC 89.9%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Myrcene 0.4%     


To answer your first question—yes. It tastes exactly like cotton candy, but the flavor is subtle. It doesn’t overwhelm. What it does do is creep up on you, just like the high itself. While you might not notice it at first, it has a deeply permeating effect that will have you questioning reality if you partake during the day, and will send you off to a vivid technicolor dreamland if you toke before bedtime.

At practically 90% THC, Cotton Kush is nothing to be trifled with. These crystals are almost as pure as cannabis gets, so we recommend that you start small and ease yourself into it. Remember, you can always vape more, but it’s impossible to get less high with anything but time.

Dr. Jolly’s Diamonds line of extracts is made from fresh frozen flower—the best of the best—that is put into a pressurized chamber to isolate and extract all of the cannabinoids and terpenes. This allows a true-to-life flavor with none of the carcinogenic byproducts of actually combusting the flower.

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